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Background on the UNAM network of repositories 24 Jnaury 2009

Clara López Guzmán and 19 co-authors, 3R-Red de Repositorios Universitarios de Recursos Digitales : informe de la etapa 3: desarrollo del sistema y de aplicaciones, an unpublished September 2007 report from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), self-archived January 21, 2009.  The report is in Spanish with an English-language abstract:

The 3R project is part of a UNAM’s megaproject. This project consists of 4 stages: research, conceptual models, development and implementation. The project aims to create the prototype of a network of repositories of UNAM, which will allow greater use and visibility of the intellectual output of the members of the community. This technical report presents the results of the third phase of the project, Development of the system, which enables the operation of the conceptual model. It therefore proceeded to implement the software to activate a University Repository, including the analysis for the standardization of metadata and the development of a compact disc that provides the software installation.


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