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Bangladesh researchers lose access to HINARi journals

Some of the world’s largest scholarly publishers have withdrawn Bangladesh’s free access to 2500 health journals previously provided under the HINARI (Health Inter-Network for Access to Research Initiative) programme. The  Electronic Publishing Trust for Development has explained why HINARI and similar donor programmes are not as effective as Open Access for developing world research.

Alhambra Declaration on Open Access

The Alhambra Declaration on Open Access has been announced in the wake of the workshop “Open Access to science information: policies for the developement of OA in Southern Europe“, held in Granada, Spain, from the 12th to the 14th of May 2010, organised by the FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology). The goal of the Declaration is to develop and action plan for Open Access in Southern European countries. The text of the Declaration can be found here.

Open Access Week Mandate Challenge

Open Access Week Mandate Challenge

In celebration of the 10th birthday of the EPrints repository software and Open Access Week (18-24 October 2010), EPrints has issued the Open Access Week mandate Adoption Challenge. All institutions, departments and funders proposing or announcing new Open Access mandates are invited to register them in ROARMAP for Open Access Week. 

The daily tallies are reported below, starting from 11 October.


Oct 27:
EUR-OCEANS Consortium (adopted multi-institutional mandate)
Oct 22:

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (adopted instittional mandate)

Gustav Adolphus College Library

Oct 20:
Loughborough University (adopted thesis mandate)
Wageningen University (adopted thesis mandate)
Oct 18
Australian National University, Australia (adopted institutional mandate)
University of Tromso, Norway (adopted institutional mandate)
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (adopted institutional mandate)
Birkbeck College, London (adopted departmental mandate: Institutional mandate to follow in Sept 2011)
Oct 15
University of Nottingham, UK (adopted institutional mandate)
Oct 13:

Teesside University, UK (adopted institutional mandate)

University of Westminster, UK (adopted thesis mandate)

Oct 12: 

INRA, France (adopted institutional mandate)

North Melbourne Insitute of TAFE, Australia (proposed departmental mandate)

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis Library (adopted departmental mandate)

Oct 11:

Arizona State University Libraries, USA (proposed departmental mandate)


Total existing mandates:

Multi-institutional: 1

Institutional: 103

Departmental:  27

Funder:  47

Thesis:  67



5 February 2010, Stockholm & Lund:Co-Action Publishing and Lund University

Libraries Main Office are pleased to announce the launch of the Online Guide to Open Access Journals

Publishing at

The online guide is directed to small independent teams and provides practical information on planning, setting up, launching, publishing and managing an open access scholarly journal. Users can take advantage of additional resources in the form of links to related information, samples of applied practices and downloadable tools that can be adapted. The guide seeks to be interactive, allowing users to share their own best practices, tips and suggestions through a comment field.

Although the guide contains some information that is specific to the Nordic region, most of its content can be applied internationally.

Development of the Online Guide to Open Access Journals Publishing was generously supported by the Swedish National

Library and the technical solution was supported by Nordbib.

Questions about the guide can be directed to


Institutional Repository Bibliography, Version 1

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
Publisher, Digital Scholarship

To celebrate Open Access Week, Digital Scholarship
( releasing version one of
the Institutional Repository Bibliography. This bibliography
presents over 620 selected English-language articles, books,
and other scholarly textual sources that are useful in
understanding institutional repositories. Although
institutional repositories intersect with a number of open
access and scholarly communication topics, this bibliography
only includes works that are primarily about institutional

Most sources have been published between 2000 and the
present; however, a limited number of key sources published
prior to 2000 are also included. Where possible, links are
provided to e-prints in disciplinary archives and
institutional repositories.

Table of Contents

1 General
2 Country and Regional Institutional Repository Surveys
3 Multiple-Institution Repositories
4 Specific Institutional Repositories
5 Institutional Repository Digital Preservation Issues
6 Institutional Repository Library Issues
7 Institutional Repository Metadata Issues
8 Institutional Repository Open Access Policies
9 Institutional Repository R&D Projects
10 Institutional Repository Research Studies
11 Institutional Repository Software
Appendix A. About the Author

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