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Librarian OA advocates as community organizers 19 January 2009



Greyson at Social Justice Librarian responding to David Shumaker at The Embedded Librarian:

…This line of thinking, for me, developed from working on the issue of open access with the research community in which I am embedded. While traditional education methods (lectures, classes, seminars, websites) were of some utility, I found myself drawing heavily on the community organizing skills from my pre-MLIS days….

In order to organize my research community around open access I have had to find out what matters to my researchers, staff, programmers, etc., and work from there. I have worked collaboratively with them to understand the issue and the relative merits of open access in ways that make sense to them and reflect their motivations and values. Yes, I have specialised tools and access I can offer, and yes I can share my personal values and passions with my colleagues, but the goal we work toward has to be a common one, not one I want to impose upon them.

Time to add community organizing to the list of things not taught in library school? It’s certainly been bouncing around in my brain.



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