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Organizing a web of volunteers for OA transcription and digitization 3 February 2009

 Does your field of study depend on public-domain records which are not yet digitized or OA?  A lot of us have a lot to learn from the genealogists.

See Volunteers rally to put Norwegian records online, Mormon Times, February 2, 2009.  Excerpt:

FamilySearch International, the University of Tromsø, and DIS-Norge announced today a joint initiative to transcribe the 1875 Norway Census for free online access. It is the only Norway census that has not been indexed and the first to be tackled as a global, Internet-based effort. Volunteers who can read Norwegian are being sought to complete the project….

FamilySearch digitized the census images and is using its Web-based transcription tool and volunteers to create the automated index. The University of Tromsø and DIS-Norge are sponsoring the project, but many more online volunteers are needed to transcribe the 1.6 million individuals found in the tens of thousands of census sheets….

“The biggest challenge is the Norwegian handwriting and names,” said Jeff Svare, collection management specialist….

Indexers do not need to worry about their skill level at reading censuses. Each census page is transcribed by two different indexers. Any discrepancies between the two entries will be arbitrated by a third indexer. The result is a highly accurate, free index of tremendous value to family history enthusiasts….

The FamilySearch Records Access program has already generated over 500 million names and images through its volunteer initiatives. The collections can be searched for free at FamilySearch.org….

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